Lecida Reading Group

The Lecida Reading Group meets weekly to discuss papers in machine learning, deep learning, and distributed systems. If you're interested in attending or would like to know more, please get in touch.

Date Title
Apr 06, 2018 Predictive State Decoders
Mar 23, 2018 Novelty Detection with Multivariate Extreme Value Statistics
Mar 09, 2018 Learning to Explain: An Information-Theoretic Perspective on Model Interpretation
Mar 02, 2018 Real-Time Anomaly Detection for Streaming Analytics
Feb 23, 2018 Improving Multi-step Prediction of Learned Time Series Models
Feb 16, 2018 Deep Survival Analysis
Feb 02, 2018 iSAX 2.0: Indexing and Mining One Billion Time Series
Jan 26, 2018 Clipper: A Low-Latency Online Prediction Serving System
Dec 13, 2017 Adversarial Discriminative Domain Adaptation
Nov 08, 2017 ZooKeeper: Wait-free coordination for Internet-scale systems
Oct 20, 2017 Understanding Black-box Predictions via Influence Functions
Oct 13, 2017 Mesos: A Platform for Fine-Grained Resource Sharing in the Data Center
Oct 06, 2017 SMASH: One-Shot Model Architecture Search through HyperNetworks
Sep 15, 2017 Tunable Efficient Unitary Neural Networks (EUNN) and their application to RNNs
Sep 08, 2017 "Why Should I Trust You?": Explaining the Predictions of Any Classifier
Sep 01, 2017 WTTE-RNN: Weibull Time To Event Recurrent Neural Network
Aug 25, 2017 Weld: A Common Runtime for High Performance Data Analytics
Aug 04, 2017 Attention Is All You Need
Jul 28, 2017 Logistic Regression in Rare Events Data
Jul 14, 2017 Bring Your Own Learner: A Cloud-Based, Data-Parallel Commons for Machine Learning
Jun 30, 2017 Linux Containers
Jun 23, 2017 Particle filters for remaining useful life estimation of abatement equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing
Jun 16, 2017 Chord: A Scalable Peer-to-peer Lookup Protocol for Internet Applications
Jun 09, 2017 Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance: A Multiple Classifier Approach
May 26, 2017 Understanding deep learning requires rethinking generalization
May 12, 2017 WaveNet: A Generative Model for Raw Audio
Apr 28, 2017 The Google File System
Mar 17, 2017 Static and dynamic novelty detection methods for jet engine health monitoring
Mar 03, 2017 Batch Normalization: Accelerating Deep Network Training by Reducing Internal Covariate Shift
Feb 10, 2017 What’s your ML test score? A rubric for ML production systems
Feb 03, 2017 Neural Architecture Search with Reinforcement Learning
Jan 20, 2017 Recurrent Highway Networks
Dec 09, 2016 Visualizing Data using t-SNE
Dec 02, 2016 Google's Multilingual Neural Machine Translation System: Enabling Zero-Shot Translation
Nov 11, 2016 A Clockwork RNN
Oct 21, 2016 Bishop: MCMC and Gibbs Sampling
Oct 14, 2016 Bishop: Sampling Methods
Sep 23, 2016 Generating Sequences With Recurrent Neural Networks
Sep 16, 2016 Stream Computing
Sep 09, 2016 Connectionist Temporal Classification
Sep 02, 2016 MacroBase: Prioritizing Attention in Fast Data
Aug 26, 2016 Resilient Distributed Datasets: A Fault-Tolerant Abstraction for In-Memory Cluster Computing
Aug 19, 2016 Distilling the Knowledge in a Neural Network
Aug 12, 2016 Analysis of Hidden Markov Models and Support Vector Machines in Financial Applications
Aug 05, 2016 Neural Machine Translation by Jointly Learning to Align and Translate
Jul 29, 2016 MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters
Jul 22, 2016 Recurrent Neural Networks for Multivariate Time Series with Missing Values
Jul 15, 2016 LSTM-based Encoder-Decoder for Multi-sensor Anomaly Detection